More than twenty states in the United States of America have legalized medical weed. In the past 20-or-so years weed and health experts have been working together to reverse the general opinion on medical marijuana. Why?

Well, there are many reasons and they are all positive. To be honest, we don’t understand why it took this long to figure out! Even though the benefits of smoking weed may be overstated by weed legalization advocates, new laws will help researchers study cannabis in hopes of better understanding the plentiful benefits that weed contains.

These are just a few medical benefits:

  1. Weed can be used to treat Glaucoma
  2. Weed may help reverse the carcinogenic effects of tobacco and improve lung health
  3. Weed can help control epileptic seizures
  4. A chemical found in weed stops cancer from spreading
  5. Weed decreases anxiety